Vacant Land for Sale

Vacant Land for Sale FloridaIf you’re looking for vacant land for sale in the United States, it isn’t hard to find. There are nearly 3 million square miles of contiguous land in the United States. So suffice to say, there is likely something for everyone! 

And although there are already many property owners who have developed their land over the years, you can still find plenty of vacant land for sale. These properties are priced differently depending on the type of land, location, and possible use of the vacant land. For example, rural land in Georgia is going to be cheaper per acre than a vacant lot near New York City.

If you are planning to buy or sell vacant land in the United States, it is best to learn more about proper pricing in the area. There are many factors to consider to ensure that you’re getting a fair and reasonable deal. While land is nearly always a great investment over time, some sellers have a hard time finding qualified buyers. 

There are also buyers and investors who have a difficult time finding the right property to buy. And at the right price. After all, there are plenty of options and prices can jump up and down based on local market conditions.

Vacant Land Prices

There’s no standard price for all vacant lands in the United States. Naturally, vacant lots in urban and suburban areas are more expensive compared to cheap rural land. When you purchase vacant land in an urban area, whether it’s a residential or commercial area, there are plenty of income possibilities. 

And even if you don’t plan on developing your land right away, there is still opportunity. For example, large vacant lots can be used as parking areas, sports fields, hunting camps, and more.

On the other hand, rural vacant land for sale has less commercial possibilities unless you have a specific development use, such as a farm. The possibilities are also lower when the rural lot is located in an area where the population is very low. 

However, this shouldn’t stop you from investing in rural vacant land parcels. There are many that can still offer income potential. Such as those with crops, fruit-bearing trees, or other farming prospects. This alone would likely not be a reason to purchase, but if you love the land for other reasons then this is icing on the cake!

Vacant Land for Sale

Some Land is Vacant for a Reason

Some rural lots remain vacant for a reason. Others are protected by the government entities. And still other lots are not safe for development. 

And some lots are “landlocked,” which means there is no legal access to the property. This is the main reason that many that some vacant land for sale is priced so cheap. 

All these factors affect the prices of vacant land. Some sell for very cheap, especially if you are buying the land in bulk. For instance, two vacant lots adjacent to each other can differ in cost greatly when one is much smaller than the other. You can always check the fair market value of the land in the area where you are planning to buy or sell to ensure you’re getting a reasonable deal.

Buy and Sell Vacant Land

Aside from the price of the raw vacant land for sale, you might incur additional expenses when buying or selling land. Especially if you are handling the entire process on your own. For example, you may have to secure and pay for permits, pay for site prep expenses, and others. This is where Land Soar’s expert team can assist you.

At Land Soar, we work aggressively to acquire vacant land for sale at bargain prices. We sell wholesale land to our clients, so they get a terrific deal in most cases and far below market value. 

We make buying and selling land simple, easy, and effective. If you plan to sell your land, contact our team for more information. You can also check our property listings for available lots for sale. Call us at 386-200-5001 for more information, or contact us by email form.