Types of Land

Land TypesKnowing the many different types of land available is essential before you buy or invest in land. A person might buy a parcel of land just because it’s cheap, and this is often times the nexus for purchasing. However, later he or she regrets buying because the land cannot be used according to his or her preferences, or even at all. And having clarity on use and intent is the very first step in an important process.

Major Types of Land

Depending on where you’re getting information from, there are plenty of land types identified differently by varying sources.

To help simplify this process, let’s identify the major types of land. 

Here are the major types of land according to primary designation:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Recreational
  • Transport
  • Agricultural

Types of Land In the United States 

Types of Land

Other Land Types You Should Know About

Now, what are the other types of land? 

Commercial land can be in highly urbanized areas with plenty of office buildings, restaurants, and places of business. So fully developed commercial areas.

On the other hand, there are some rural areas that have patches of commercial land used for factories, warehouses, and so on. These are sometimes called industrial land parcels. County zoning designations determine the exact type of land, and zoning can be quite restrictive. 

Agricultural land can also encompass many different kinds of land. For instance, rural lands can be those that are used as farmland, a place where livestock is raised, forests, and so much more. There are also families building homes in agricultural areas. 

What Type of Land Should I Invest In?

Land Investment

No matter the type of land you invest in, you’re still making a great move since land is always a good investment. It would be best for you to determine first why you’re making an investment. 

What type of investor are you? Are you looking for a quick flip as an investment? Or are you willing to stay patient and wait for the right time to resell? With land, this is generally always required. With homes, you can make substantial improvements to then sell and make a profit. With land, not so much.

Land is more a of long-term investment, but still very solid. The key is to make sure you are buying land in a desired area, and to do research on the area. 

If you check our post about the cost of an acre of land, we have shown the actual prices of land in the United States through the years. Although we focused mainly on rural land, all types of land are basically the same when it comes to pricing trends. 

There will be dips here and there, but the price will still increase over time. So you simply need to know when is the best time to sell, and you need staying power to get you through the market dips. And there will always be ups and downs.

Of course, the best time to buy is anytime. Land is no longer being manufactured or created. It is a finite resource. So despite the growing demand, there’s a fixed amount of land that will be available on this planet. 

If you have the opportunity to invest in different types of land, then you should definitely consider the investment. In most markets (up and down), you’ll be safe over the long haul.

Affordable Land for Sale in the United States

Types of Land United StatesIt is understandable that not everybody can afford expensive parcels of land. But a tight budget shouldn’t stop you from having the opportunity to invest in the many types of land available in the country. 

If you are looking for affordable land for sale in the United States, then we are here to help you. Land Soar specializes in buying and selling rural land across the country. We work hard to acquire large parcels of rural land, and we often acquire them at very low wholesale costs. The savings are then passed on to our clients. 

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