Texas Rural Real Estate

texas rural real estateTexas rural real estate has been thriving for many years now. Many investors, as well as those who’d like to move to a more peaceful and quiet location, are considering investing in Texas properties because of its cheap price yet beautiful surroundings. 

Next to Alaska, Texas is the largest state in the United States of America when it comes to land area. Among all the 48 contiguous states, Texas is the largest. California only comes second. So there’s really plenty of land to go around if you are interested in buying a Texas property. 

Investing in Rural Land in Texas

The 5 major types of land include residential, commercial, recreational, transport, and agricultural. Naturally, since Texas is so large, all these land types can be found in the state. If you are planning to build a farm, raise livestock, establish a recreational facility, build a large warehouse, and so on, Texas rural estate would be a wise choice for you. 

A small land in Texas is characterized by a property that’s 200 acres or less. In Far West Texas, a small land sale may be around 500 to 8,000 acres. As you probably have learned already, the larger the land, the cheaper the price per acre gets. There was a slight 2.8% decline in small land prices in Texas, but the average price per acre has increased by 7.32%. And as always, while real estate prices go up and down every once in a while, the trend would always be in an increasing manner. So anytime you buy real estate, as long as you know how to determine the right timing to resell, then you can get plenty of returns for your investment. 

Buy or Sell Texas Rural Real Estate

If you’re looking into buying or selling Texas rural real estate, we are here to help. Land Soar acquires rural properties from all across the United States, including Texas, of course. We buy large parcels of land at really good prices and pass on the savings to our clients. We can also help you sell your land too. Just call us at 386-200-5001 to get more details.