Is The US Running Out of Land?

Is The US Running Out Of Land?We all know that land is one of the best investments to own. It keeps gaining value, can be used for various purposes, and is limited in supply.

Since land doesn’t increase in size and keeps getting expensive, there has been information making rounds on social media, such as Reddit, about the United States running out of land. With increased prices, it’s easy to think that land is becoming rare.

But is the US running out of land?

The simple answer is no! At least not yet. While it is true that land is a finite resource, the US still has a lot of available lands. In fact, according to a world population review, the US has a mere population density of 94 people per square mile.

While the US has the third highest population globally, its territory is much bigger with enough empty land. However, the US government has laws protecting certain land areas from development or misuse. These restrictions might give the impression that the US is running out of land.

The US is still sparsely populated compared to other countries, such as Germany or Japan. This means land is still abundant throughout the country, even along the outskirts of main metropolitan areas within the densest regions. Therefore, the issue is not the lack of land.

Simply put, the only reasons land may seem limited are:

  • Land-use restrictions
  • Growth controls
  • Conservation easements
  • Urban growth boundaries
  • Other government policies limit development onto large parcels of land

What Are Land-use Restrictions?

Land-use RestrictionsLand-use restrictions are laws that regulate land use, typically put in place by local or state governments. These restrictions usually limit the activities conducted on a particular piece of land for environmental or safety reasons. These can include zoning codes and regulations regarding building heights and lot sizes, and open space requirements for housing developments.

The US uses these restrictions to help protect the land from being overused or misused. However, with these restrictions in operation, land shortages may arise, making it appear as if the US is running out of land. Ultimately, while it is true that land is a finite resource and prices may be increasing, the US still has plenty of land available for development and use.

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