Frequently Asked Questions

Does the property have utilities?

In most cases, our vacant land properties do not have utilities, but always inquire separately about properties that interest you.

Does the property have back taxes that need to be paid?

Our properties are sold free and clear of liens and any encumbrances.

Why is the property substanially less than markent value?

Land Soar is aggressive in finding the very best deals in the vacant land marketplace, and we purchase these properties in bulk. We are then able to pass these savings to our clients at wholesale prices.

What will the property tax be when I purchase?

Our properties are sold without property taxes, unless specifically stated. So when you acquire the property, you can be assured there will be no liens or encumbrances on the property.

Do you offer financing on your properties?

We do offer financing on some of our properties, but please inquire on a specific property of interest.

Don’t I need a real estate agent to complete the deal?

We eliminate the middleman in our transactions to reduce the overall cost. Agents generally charge 3%-10% for a transaction, and we remove this cost from the process.

How long does it take to close?

We push to close as quickly as possible, as we know this is what our clients hope for and expect. Closing schedules depend, in large part, on the size and complexity of the deal. Smaller deals can close very quickly, and larger deals take a bit longer.

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