Cheapest Land in the US

Cheapest Land in the USAs one of the largest countries in the world, the United States has more than 3.5 million square miles of land. Because of this, many are attracted to investing in real estate. If you are one of them, you might be wondering about lots for sale and the cheapest land in the US. Truth be told, you’ll be surprised at the price tag of some of the most affordable properties for sale in the country! In some areas, an acre of land costs significantly less compared to a smartphone.

Quite obviously, the market value of land in urban residential and commercial areas is way higher compared to agricultural land. In fact, as of 2018, the national average of agricultural land cost per acre is only $3,140. Because of the low price of some parcels of land in the country, you don’t have to be ultra-rich to be able to afford a few acres and pay in cash. Therefore, when you find a great property sale deal in a good location, go ahead and invest.

Factors That Affect the Price of Land in the US

When looking for the cheapest land in the US, you have to set your expectations. Of course, properties within or close to highly urbanized areas, friendly residential neighborhoods, and other communities where it’s great to raise a family or find work is more expensive compared to other parcels of land. The primary factors that affect the cost of land include the following:

  • Property Location
  • Property Type (Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, Recreational, etc.)
  • Property Condition (Livable, Non-Livable, Usable, Non-Usable, etc.)
  • Market Value of Surrounding Properties

There are very affordable properties in the United States that go as low as just a couple of hundred dollars per acre. In fact, the cheapest land in the US, according to an article by The Manual, is absolutely free. Marquette, a small town in Kansas, with a population of only 600 people, offers land to families looking for homes for free.

In Nevada, you can get land for as low as $157 per acre. However, you can’t just buy 1 acre of land. To enjoy this very low rate, you would have to buy in bulk. Before you get excited about this, you have to know that rural vacant land that sells for such a low amount is usually not livable or usable. For instance, these rural lots selling cheap in Nevada are situated in a desert with very little to no vegetation. With the US population constantly growing, people will likely move to this area one day when cities get extremely crowded. To enjoy huge returns of your investment, it will probably take years or even decades. After all, one of the keys to success in real estate is patience. It’s always about the right timing when buying or selling.

Buy Cheap Land in the United States

Is buying land and building a house cheaper compared to just buying a home that’s already built? If this is one of the questions you’ve been wondering about and you are decided on buying land while on a tight budget, then you might as well look for the more affordable land for sale in the United States.

When searching for the cheapest land for sale in USA, you have to stay vigilant and be aware. An offer that’s too good to be true most likely has some setbacks. For example, land so cheap might not be usable after all. Buying the property will cost you very little money in the beginning, but you could end up spending more just to get supplies, access to utilities, and other necessities. A residential property that sells way lower compared to the surrounding properties probably has health hazards and other issues hidden beneath the ground.

At Land Soar, we can help you find cheap land in the United States with honesty and integrity in mind. Our team will inform you about the property’s condition and what you can expect after purchasing land. We specialize in rural lots for sale in Florida and Georgia. If you have a property to sell, you can contact us and we can assist you with that too. Call us at 386-200-5001 for inquiries!