Acre of Land Cost

Acre of Land CostSuccessful investors know that buying land at the right price is one of the safest ways to make money grow. As long as you find the right parcels of land to buy and acquire at a great price, all you have to do is wait to see the value of your property increase over time. If it’s your first time looking for land for sale, you will be surprised to learn how an acre of land cost can be quite low when compared to any types of dwellings. And almost always lower than land containing a home or improved structure.

More often than not, to enjoy better prices and deals when buying land you need to be strategic. Many times buying multiple acres yields the best deals. But not always, as some areas in the United States have an acre of land for sale equivalent to the price of a new smartphone! However, to get these low prices, you might have to buy wholesale land. This means you can’t acquire from a realtor or even a developer who had a project fall through. To get the very best deal on an acre of land cost, you need to think wholesale! It’s kinda like buying land at Walmart, versus the local 7-11.

The Time to Act Is..Always

“Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.” This is one of the most famous real estate quotes ever said. There are always good deals out there if you’re willing to do some research. You just have to find them. Some people are hesitant about buying rural land for sale, especially if they are unable to use that piece of land in their current lifestyle. 

Depending on the condition or location of land, some are considered unusable today. However, there’s no telling what happens tomorrow. If that area is developed by the government or if you can find ways to earn from your property, then investing in that piece of land is worth every penny. Or even better, if you have a retirement vision in that area of the country, buying vacant land once you know an acre of land cost might be a great plan! 

Average Acre of Land Cost in the United States

The cost of land per acre varies and is always in a state of flux. Although you may observe some dips once in a while, the value of land consistently increases every year. Take a look at the summary of land values below. 

This data comes from the USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service Land Values 2019 Summary as of August 2019. 

Depending on the land condition and purpose, the cost per acre of land differs. If you are looking for real estate properties that you can use for farming purposes, the average cost as of 2019 is only $3,160 per acre. 

Farmland Acre Cost United States

Although still affordable, it is a little higher for cropland because there are more income opportunities when you buy rural land that can produce crops. As of 2019, an acre of cropland costs $4,100 on average.

Cropland Acre Cost United States

Pastures are mainly used for raising livestock including horses, sheep, swine, cattle, and more. Since this type of land is rarely developed and just covered with grass and vegetation, the cost per acre is very low. You can buy pasture land in the United States for $1,400 per acre on average as of 2019.

Pasture Acre Cost United States

Note that the above values consist of the average acre of land cost across the United States. The actual cost of land by the acre varies depending on the location. For instance, you can get farm real estate for sale in New Mexico at an average of $570 per acre as of 2019. Farm real estate sells at $5,950 per acre on average when you buy it in Florida. Average values are $10,000 per acre in California, and $15,600 per acre in Rhode Island.

In general, land in the Eastern United States is more expensive than the West.

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