10 Acres of Land

10 acres of land has many uses, and it all depends what your interests are. And the price of 10 acres varies wildly in the United States.

In rural areas where there is little development you might be able to get large tracts of land for a song. However, the closer you get to urban areas the price increases at a geometric rate. So if you’re looking for cheap land, then consider rural vacant land for off the beaten path.

10 Acres of Land

How Much is 10 Acres of Land

First, let’s cover exactly how much geographic area 10 acres of land actually is.

One acre of land is 43,560 square feet. So 10 acres would 435,600 square feet. This might sound like a huge amount of land that could take up half a city, but it’s not as big as you think!

So if the property were a perfect square, it would be approximately 650′ x 650′ (slightly more actually, but let’s make the math easy). 

However, most properties are not a perfect square, and this is especially true if the property has road frontage (it borders a street or road). Most road front properties are rectangular in shape, with the short edge along the road, street, or path. This is done for commercial reasons, as this shape provides a property’s highest and best use.

So a typical rectangular property that is 10 acres, might be 400 feet of road frontage and 1,000 feet deep. However, this can vary greatly depending on the location of the property. In an urban area, this would be fairly typical. However, in a rural area it might actually be closer to a square depending on the location and use.

Let’s cover some of the many uses of 10 acres of land.

Building on 10 Acres

There is plenty of room to build on 10 acres of land. Whether you want to build an estate with a small farm, or a mansion with room to spare. 10 acres is a substantial area of land for 1 residence, so you have more than enough room even the largest sprawling estate.

Hunting on 10 Acres

If you are looking for a hunting camp, then the location of the 10 acres is paramount. 10 acres along would not be enough for a full hunting spread. But depending on the surrounding properties, you might have enough to get started if your neighbors were cooperative.

And if hunting is your ultimate objective, consider a hunting lease on a larger piece of property. There are some very reasonable lease arrangements that you can secure if hunting is your passion.


If you are looking at some form of farming, then you can get by with a small, non-commercial farm. This would be if you’re looking to farm for your family and maybe little more. But if you were looking at a commercial farm operation, this would be limited.

Commercial Use for 10 Acres

This would like be the highest and best use of 10 acres of land, but of course it depends on how the land is zoned. There are many zoning classifications, and that would determine its viability for commercial development.

But 10 acres of land is more than enough for many commercial opportunities. Again, it all depends on your priorities, and whatever restrictions the local government has placed on the property.

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